Where Your Fabric Comes From

Sewliloquies is all about sewing apparel. In our world of consumerism, garments and fabric are abundant. I believe it is important to know what the fabric is that you are wearing, and where your fabric comes from. In this first video I try to explain the major fabric categories. Natural and man made fabrics come from around the world, and from different animal, plant and laboratory sources.


Precious Purple Print

I picked up a Simplicity It’s So Easy pattern 2425 for a baby dress, bloomers and a hat. I’m going to test it with some 100% cotton fabrics. I found a precious purple print (baby daddy helped choose the fabric) with little color squares, and a lavender solid to match.

My plan is to make the body of the dress with the purple print. I’m going to crochet the bottom ruffle and the side sleevelets using a dark purple yarn. The bloomers will be solid lavender.

Just for fun, I’m also going to make the hat. One side will be solid lavender, and one side will be the purple print. The brim will be crocheted with the same dark purple yarn.


Teeny Tiny Garments

So I’m due in April. And I’m shopping and registering and looking for baby clothes. (I know, I know, I’ve heard people give you lots of baby clothes).

Here’s my dilemma: I don’t like MOST of the commercial baby clothes. The onesies, obviously, are ok as long as they are plain and 100% cotton. I don’t think the spring dresses are out yet, so the selection might be a little better if I wait. However, if typical retail baby clothing is like adult clothing, then I may perhaps be disappointed.

My solution: I started looking for patterns to make baby clothes. Even then, there isn’t much available, but I was able to find a few I liked… Simplicity 3854 and Simplicity 2459. I plan to make both dresses and pants for my little one, and I can envision so many possibilities!

The best part is being able to choose the fabric, which I believe can make all the difference. I am already eyeing this spotted owl fabric from Alexander Henry, and I may head to Stitch Lab to get some before it’s gone.

EDIT: January 15, 2010

So far I have purchased the It’s so easy 2425 pattern from Simplicity. I’m going to try out a dress with this pattern with some basic cottons, and then decide on additional fabrics for a more dressy version or spring/summer varities.

Sewing New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, like many people, I take a look at my life and see what I can do better, stronger, faster. As a teacher and expecting a child, my life is more than sewing, but sewing is certainly very much part of my life!

This past year, I have been fortunate enough to delve deeper into my sewing passions. I have made several garments, reignited my design interests, and added some great equipment to my collection – a new sewing machine, a bobbin winder, a dress form and an iron (mostly gifts! huge thank yous to the gift givers!). I was also able to create a great space to work, where my sewing machine is always setup, my thread and tools are organized, I have bins of fabric and supplies literally piled to the ceiling and a shelf holds books and magazine resources.

This past year, I also lost a friend to a car accident; he was a loving and generous soul and happened to be very supportive of my sewing ventures. His words were always inspirational and to lose him was heart wrenching.

2011 certainly appears to be a busy one. I almost think that my sewing to-do list may be put on hold or at least sidetracked a bit. I haven’t blogged since August; my Etsy and my YouTube are both at a standstill. The camel pea coat I had planned to complete by the end of the year is still partially done, taunting me from the dress form. I would like to continue focusing on garments. Although I do occasionally sew things other than garments (quilts, home decor, crocheted items, embroidery, etc), I appreciate publications like Threads for their focus on garments. So few resources do, and I would also prefer to focus on garments rather than quilting, yarn creations and/or craft sewing.

My goals for this year are for garment design and construction, even though I’m sure there will be a healthy dose of other sewing projects mixed in. My 2011 sewing resolutions:

  • Complete the camel pea coat.
  • Use a fabric from my stash (or, avoid being a fabric junkie and buying more fabric for a garment when I can be thrifty and use what I have).
  • Learn a new skill: smocking. This skill would then be applied to what I envision to be my “new addition” to sewing…infant clothing.

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