Sewliloquies is a sewing pun on the literary term soliloquy meaning reflective monologue.

Monthly Archives: May, 2011

Fit Just Right

In a Facebook discussion about pattern fit, I mentioned slopers to my niece. Her response? “What the heck are slopers?” Slopers are form fitting patterns used to create style patterns. Um, huh? OK. so when you typically want to sew a garment, you use a pattern. You can buy a commercial pattern from pattern companies …

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Sewing Agenda

On the sewing agenda for the year: Fall 2011 clothes: wide leg eggplant corduroy pants, red tunic with crochet trim, goldenrod silk button shirt, possibly chocolate hooded cloak, remote possibility for a linen shirred blouse and baggy sleeve tunic Danish crest medieval surcoat costume for Oliver Victorian costume additions: coat for Oliver, button front shirt or possibly a talma …

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