My Sewing Corner

Another summer has passed and I have sewn very little. I have many goals, but some of those goals are taken longer than expected to reach. The reality is I need to make the time to sew. I haven’t had the time to go clothes shopping either, so its not just the garment making that’s suffering.

I would like to work on some fall clothes, including the eggplant corduoroy pants, and some blouses. I’d actually like to also make the necklace from fall colored crochet beads I have…jewelry making also feels like a distant dream.

I have been drawing some sketches for the Project Runway sketch contest; it is fun, is letting me create some great ideas for my wardrobe, and hey I might win something. My favorite idea at the moment is brown velvet pants that have ribbed knit right below the knee. I think I’m going to use that idea for the Sew News Style Star contest where you take an existing pattern and modify, alter and embellish it. There is also a National Sewing Month contest, but I don’t have any ideas yet. In the end, entering design and sewing contests will help keep me motivated to spend more time in my sewing corner.



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