Kick Pleats What Kicked My Butt

After spending the entire weekend sewing – thank you DH! – I nearly have a princess seam dress. This was an assignment for the Dressmaking and Design course I’m taking, and I had to adjust the pattern to fit. After making a muslin and tweaking the pattern at the neckline, I scrounged for some fabric in my fabric bin. I discovered I have a good deal of velvet. (Also, several yards of denim! and some brocades). DH decided on the red velvet, and we purchased red lining for it.

The princess seams are not fun, but totally doable. The kick pleats what kicked my butt. I wanted a double pleat kick pleat, so I did some research to try to figure out how to do them. Then, during the process of sewing, I did them backwards (I wanted an inverted pleat). Sigh. So I messed up what coulda shoulda woulda been a very neat dress. What I learned: KEEP YOUR DESIGN SKETCHBOOK NEXT TO YOUR SEWING TABLE! If I had only referred to my sketch during the sewing process, the whole fiasco could have been avoided. The lining was also a challenge, and I think had I not been obsessing about how to line the kick pleats (the answer is to stop the lining at the edge of the kick pleat), I would not have reversed the pleats. I was over thinking it. Yup.

Last step is to let the dress (and myself) rest overnight. Then I’ll do the hems. I also plan to embroider a hair clip to go with it.



3 thoughts on “Kick Pleats What Kicked My Butt

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  1. Wait… are they still ” wrong” here… as in they’re supposed to be on the “inside” vs. the “outside” like this? IDK… this looks pretty awesome to me! Also… I LOOOOOOVE princess seams! I can actually get them to fit much better than things with regular seams and darts….

  2. Hold up a tich… are they still “wrong” here? Is the pleaty part supposed to pleat inwards? If so… I think this looks pretty damn good (as in I would TOTALLY wear that!). I kinda love princess seams–for some reason, I can get them to work for me when I can’t get regular bust darts to cooperate…

    1. Yeah, the pleats are supposed to be on the “inside” rather than poufing out like I did first. I have since redone them… THRICE, mind you. They now fall beneath the back opening, as I believe they are supposed to.

      …and the machine blind hem stitch rocks my socks. I ❤ it and intend to use it as much as possible for hemming. There is also supposed to be a blind hem foot, but I didn't look to see if I had one.

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