Packed Away

All of my sewing machines and supplies are packed away and ready to move. I worked frantically to finish a few projects, including a sleeveless linen top and a deconstructed panel skirt. Not my best work, but eh… The linen top was a pattern I drafted from inspiration from this Burda shirt: I used my fantabulous embroidery machine to embroider Rainbow Dash on the front. The drawstrings are cool, but the back of the shirt fell kind of weird. The panel skirt was a tan skirt I got from Walmart (I think). I sliced it and added 6 triangular panels in a great tie dye. That was rushed, and still needs some hand sewing. Oh well, if it’s wearable, it’ll work. Until I get moved, no more sewing for me!



Polka Dotty Goodness

I haven’t been able to post much lately, or sew much lately either. I have finished the “polka dotty goodness” project, my final project and replaced a zipper on a motorcycle jacket (not well, mind you).

So, I present, a very ucky photo of the polka dots… a baby swimsuit and swim cap. Also not well done… you can’t see the issues with it here. 😉

Oh, I forgot to mention I designed the pattern for this. Swimsuits are hard. The crotch and shoulder seams are messy.

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