Sewing Apps

There are not many sewing apps available. I know there are a few on the Apple side and painfully few for Android. I’m not entirely sure what I would use a sewing app for but have some ideas! What types of functionality would a sewing app have? Measurement guidelines? Conversion tables? Sewing machine support (like needles and bobbins needed)? Basic sewing techniques? What would be valid, useful information worthy of an app?


Do It All?

Sometimes, I just want to do it all: sewing a fashion line of my very own, making garb for sale at renaissance fairs, creating soft home goods and decor. Then I construct something rather atrocious and feel like I just can’t do it all.

It’s hard to decide which direction to focus on because I enjoy doing so much; yet I know my skills still need to be perfected. I can’t do it all. But I’m working on it! I do think that I should focus on apparel and try not to sew home goods or quilt or anything crafty, unless it’s a specific project.

I’m also pretty obsessive about going down the organic and/or natural fibers path. I’m pretty concerned about the source of my fabric. I’m not sure I can be so picky about the source of my notions, though. I’d like to try to design some of my own fabric, as well.

Of course, my new love: machine embroidery, will all be a part of my plan!

Waiting on myself to see how it all comes together… sigh.

ImageDuck embroidery design from Urban Threads

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