Sewliloquies is a sewing pun on the literary term soliloquy meaning reflective monologue.

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Getting Pretty Serious

I am doing what’s called “getting pretty serious” about sewing. While I have been slacking a bit in the garment making area, I have been working on expanding my skills. First, I am taking a Dressmaking and Design course through Penn Foster. While I would prefer a local, hands on classroom approach, it is hard …

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A Woman Who Sews

What am I? There are all these words to describe people who sew. Tailor, dressmaker, sewist. What is it I do, exactly? I looked at the definition of these words before adding a few adjectives to my blog recently. A few people out there have talked about this already, but I wanted to add my …

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Garments in our Global Economy

Food. Clothing. Shelter. Three essential human needs. There has been a lot of discussion lately about food sources and commercial agriculture versus local, sustainable or organic. And shelter discussions can be about how green your lily pad is or homeless all the way to mansions of the rich and famous. But what about clothing? We …

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Where Your Fabric Comes From

Sewliloquies is all about sewing apparel. In our world of consumerism, garments and fabric are abundant. I believe it is important to know what the fabric is that you are wearing, and where your fabric comes from. In┬áthis first video I try to explain the major fabric categories. Natural and man made fabrics come from …

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Hip Host

Bless Elaray. This blog is what I’m talking about! There have got to be people at home trying to puzzle through how to sew their own garments. I mean, there are people buying sewing machines, so what are all those sewing machines being used for? If they are collecting dust in basements and under …

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