Sewliloquies is a sewing pun on the literary term soliloquy meaning reflective monologue.

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Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of the project I plan to conquer after the shirt dress.

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Shirt Dress Progress

With the princess seam dress project behind me, I’m moving onto the shirt dress. I have a pattern… Marfy 9876. And I also like this Simplicity pattern from the 1960s, but I’d have to track it down and buy it online. But that is all the shirt dress progress I have made. DH and DD …

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Perfect Vintage-Inspired Shirt Dress

A few years ago, I wanted to make a shirt dress. My inspiration came from a few places: one was a dress worn by the character Sofie on Carnivale, and another was a runway dress from the Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 collection. My perfect vintage-inspired shirt dress falls somewhere between these two. My niece, blogging down a …

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Fit Just Right

In a Facebook discussion about pattern fit, I mentioned slopers to my niece. Her response? “What the heck are slopers?” Slopers are form fitting patterns used to create style patterns. Um, huh? OK. so when you typically want to sew a garment, you use a pattern. You can buy a commercial pattern from pattern companies …

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Sewing Agenda

On the sewing agenda for the year: Fall 2011 clothes: wide leg eggplant corduroy pants, red tunic with crochet trim, goldenrod silk button shirt, possibly chocolate hooded cloak, remote possibility for a linen shirred blouse and baggy sleeve tunic Danish crest medieval surcoat costume for Oliver Victorian costume additions: coat for Oliver, button front shirt or possibly a talma …

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Finally Finished

Several months later and I have finally finished the purple baby outfit. The final pieces were a hat and a headband. I completed the hat today, but the headband was just not working out so I abandoned it (for now). The dress is very nice. I modified the original pattern to create crochet sleeves and …

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Precious Purple Print

I picked up a Simplicity It’s So Easy pattern 2425 for a baby dress, bloomers and a hat. I’m going to test it with some 100% cotton fabrics. I found a precious purple print (baby daddy helped choose the fabric) with little color squares, and a lavender solid to match. My plan is to make …

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Teeny Tiny Garments

So I’m due in April. And I’m shopping and registering and looking for baby clothes. (I know, I know, I’ve heard people give you lots of baby clothes). Here’s my dilemma: I don’t like MOST of the commercial baby clothes. The onesies, obviously, are ok as long as they are plain and 100% cotton. I …

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My Sewing Adventures

Sewliloquies is here! I plan to blog about my sewing adventures, create video instruction and share my sewn garments with the world. I enjoy sewing, and I have been fortunate enough to learn this craft. Once, a long time ago, I even planned to go to fashion design school. It didn’t happen, but my passion …

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