Sewliloquies is a sewing pun on the literary term soliloquy meaning reflective monologue.

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Global Garb

Trying to launch the Global Garb collection I’m inspired to create! I need some fabric from Dharma Trading, some thread for the embroidery, and a little bit of gumption to #createsomething.

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Sewing Apps

There are not many sewing apps available. I know there are a few on the Apple side and painfully few for Android. I’m not entirely sure what I would use a sewing app for but have some ideas! What types of functionality would a sewing app have? Measurement guidelines? Conversion tables? Sewing machine support (like …

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Do It All?

Sometimes, I just want to do it all: sewing a fashion line of my very own, making garb for sale at renaissance fairs, creating soft home goods and decor. Then I construct something rather atrocious and feel like I just can’t do it all. It’s hard to decide which direction to focus on because I …

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Might retry the shirtdress idea. Got a new pattern and some funky fabric to test it out with.

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Packed Away

All of my sewing machines and supplies are packed away and ready to move. I worked frantically to finish a few projects, including a sleeveless linen top and a deconstructed panel skirt. Not my best work, but eh… The linen top was a pattern I drafted from inspiration from this Burda shirt: I used …

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Buttonhole Scissors

On a trip to my local Half Price Books, I scored a copy of Nancy Zieman’s Nancy’s Favorite¬†101 Notions book for $9. While I was perusing it (in between getting ready to go back to work tomorrow and taking care of baby) I saw something unusual. There is a handy little cutting device called buttonhole …

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My Sewing Corner

Another summer has passed and I have sewn very little. I have many goals, but some of those goals are taken longer than expected to reach. The reality is I need to make the time to sew. I haven’t had the time to go clothes shopping either, so its not just the garment making that’s …

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